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Nancy Moore


Hello! I’m so happy you stopped by! To give you a little insight into my personality – I’m an ENFJ (Myers-Briggs) and the first time I took an Enneagram test, I was a 6 (loyal), however, after taking it again using a different source (thanks, Katie!) it revealed that I am a 2 with 3 wing (2 is “giver/helper” – still learning what this means, however, this does sound like me!)

I’m an Oklahoma girl who enjoys being productive! Time is a great equalizer – everyone has the same amount. What you do with your time is your choice. How are you going to “spend” your time?

My educational background is in business with an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Oklahoma State University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from The University of Tulsa. I have worked in the corporate arena and in job placement. I have been teaching business classes at Tulsa Community College for almost 20 years and have worked with hundreds of students. I have also been writing for Tulsa Kids Magazine for seventeen years. I have been married for twenty-two years and we have two teenagers!

My perspective lends itself to the personal side of business. My secret sauce? My genuine love for people and their stories! I love getting to know the person behind their business/product/service and what makes them so passionate about what they’re doing!


What is the Sharing Passion and Purpose Podcast about?
It is about sharing knowledge, ideas and inspiration from those who are following their passion and living their purpose. I am dedicated to seeking out those who are honest about their struggles and the determination it took to follow their dreams     – I also want to celebrate their triumphs! Through these interviews, I hope to educate, enlighten and encourage others to follow their dreams.

Nancy's Nudge

Definition of nudge (verb):

1. To touch or push gently
2. To prod lightly: urge into action
3. Approach

Nancy’s Nudge will focus on pushing you gently towards your lofty-hopes, heart-felt desires and attainable dreams. You can absolutely achieve your goals! Do not underestimate yourself.