Encouraging Quotes: Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement with Teacher, Teressa Lee
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Pursuing a teaching degree will prove challenging and rewarding – and this almost goes without saying, the rewards are not traditionally in a financial form. However, if you’re wondering why people choose to pursue a degree in education, Teressa Lee, a seasoned professional in the educational arena said it perfectly in a way that I had never heard. She said: (insert quote here)

I think she’s right! It is widely known that teachers have the ability shape the outcome of a student’s future. I, too, have been in education for almost 20 years at Tulsa Community College. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of students and I always say that I get the best students!

I have taught a variety of business classes and my favorite is the one I’m teaching now – Introduction to Business. It gives students the opportunity to learn about all areas of business.  I love all the ah-ha moments and nodding when a student understands a concept. I also appreciate students who take the class to truly learn – and not just to check it off their list of requirements (although my class is a requirement for TCC Business Students!)

Teressa got me thinking! I am sharing my top FIVE reasons your teaching degree is setting you up for an amazing future (with some great outcomes!):

1. Share your passion. The best teachers are those who are genuinely excited about the topics they teach—their excitement is contagious and will likely translate into meaningful, engaging lessons.

2. Lifelong learning. According to a Gallup Poll Study, “How Millennials Want to Work and Live” Report, millennial job seekers are most attracted to workplaces that provide opportunities to learn and grow.Teaching different grades and subjects means always having new material to learn. As a teacher, you will be a lifelong learner; professional development and teaching workshops are also built into the work schedule.

3. Teachers create interest in subject material – leading to possible career choices Teachers lay the basic foundation needed by the world’s future artists, creatives and entrepreneurs as well as doctors, lawyers, accountants and teachers. Educators are the people who spark an interest in a topic and help students realize their aptitude toward a particular subject.

4. Make an impact. Any adult can quickly recall a specific teacher who made an impact on them. Becoming a teacher means you have the opportunity to be that person in someone else’s life.

5. This degree will offer job flexibility with summers off. Different schools, public and private, online and in-person. You can teach at different levels – kindergarten through college. Different subjects, grades, places. Some might even go on to a earn a degree in higher education and teach at the college level.

On a side note, almost every state is experiencing a teacher shortage. Being a substitute teacher is a great way to get your foot in the door and see what you think.

It would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that you have to be up for a challenge to enter this field! because this profession hard.  Pleasing the mixture of students, parents, peers and administration is a balancing act. Some students will be easier than others and but having at least one particularly challenging student in every class is the norm, not the exception.

Teaching is also recognized as one of the most rewarding professions on the planet: a constant challenge that comes with unprecedented rewards.


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