Episode 126. Welcome to Season 7!
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Welcome to Season 7!

Theme: Grow More in 2024

Why is growth important?

  • Growth comes from understanding yourself – your values, personality, strengths
  • Reflecting inward and analyzing where growth is needed
  • And pushing yourself to reach your highest potential
  • Both personally and professionally

I believe that personal growth will reap rewards in your professional growth.

For many, growth is uncomfortable. Change is hard. You’ll probably experience frustration along the way, but if you have a goal that you’re working on, you are more likely to welcome those times when you’re uncomfortable – when you’re pushing and stretching your development. You know the ultimate goal – keep your eye on the prize! You’re developing your potential!

What does growth look like for you? Maybe you’re not even sure where to start. Having a growth mindset is key. Believing that there is always an opportunity to learn, grow and develop in some way.

I’ll be asking my guests about their growth – how they have grown and what has enabled their growth. Gain insight into this growth. I suspect that we’re going to hear stories of failure and how that enabled them to learn and GROW.

For me, personal growth has come from diving deeper into my personal faith journey. I’ve read The Bible cover to cover in the past but have just started it again through the Bible App – I’m specifically reading TBR (The Bible Recap by Tara Leigh Cobble. I love her personal commentary after every reading.

Professionally, I am starting to grow my business – hosting my first in-person event on Friday, January 26th from 11:30am – 1pm. This women’s event will be a time for us to connect & learn!

I’ll be hosting Dr. Meg Myers Morgan, Certified Executive Coach, Award-winning author, and Professor. I’ll be interviewing her at the event! I’d love to have you join us!

Here’s the link to find out more about the event including ticketing information:

Click HERE

Thanks for being a part of this journey! Looking forward to growing more with you in 2024!


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