Lisa Whittle – Jesus over Everything Author pens new book, “The Hard Good”
TheHardGood FINAL Cover
New Book by Lisa Whittle

The Hard Good by Lisa Whittle

This book is full of so much truth, reality and reading it is truly a gift to whomever reads it. The message gives us insight into how to overcome things that we cannot change though acceptance. This book provides the roadmap we are all looking for that asks us questions that will cause us to think, examine and reflect how the hard that we have gone through, are going through or have yet to go through are an essential part of life – it is the path we are meant to travel with the hardships God already knows about. Nobody escapes hardship or difficulty. We will all go through hard – sometimes it seems like these hardships are unbearable even to the point you might physically break – but to go through that hard, difficult time, circumstance, thoughts are all things that you have to journey through.

In her new book, Lisa Whittle helps readers navigate your way though the hard to come out to the good that you are meant to live. But the catch, you have to walk though it – being fully open to experiencing and living it – every minute. And that is where the good comes in – when you do that – you come through being better and are able to reach your full potential in life. The good is the feeling, thinking, praising, rejoicing, and living! Don’t you want to feel better? (and not shut down!)

She points out, “Can you believe we’re waiting on something we don’t need to wait on?” Breakthrough moment: You don’t have to “wait” for your heart and mind to change.

Human nature causes some people to want to resist the hard, turn away and try to substitute things in place of feeling those certain feelings of disappointment, frustration, longing, emptiness, inadequacy, jealousy (the list is long!) – but you encourage people to take that hard journey. This book reframes the work we need to do in the inevitable “hard” times of our lives – makes us realize the importance to going through it with God.

This book will assist readers in LEARNING HOW TO NOTICE SIGNS, or TRIGGERS, and provides actionable steps on how to process your emotions as well as what to do when you feel you’re shutting down.

Sharing some of my favorite quotes in the book:

“What is spiritually right, even though it is unwanted, is good because it is who God is and will be in our benefit in some way.”

“We are profoundly changed when we don’t let the hard harden us but become golden by its fire.”

A few of the questions I asked during the interview:

Was this a “hard” book to write?

This book stems from you being as you term, “RESISTOR” – I’d like to hear from you and your perspective of being a “resistor” and how this book will help people who are resistors.

People get stuck waiting on our hearts and minds to change. “Can you believe that we’re waiting on something we don’t need to wait on? How do we harness the power we already own?

Lisa emphasized to believe that God loves us. That owning our past sins and mistakes and seeking repentance is a necessary piece of moving on. However, many of us still struggle even when we’ve given something over to God. She recommends to readers that they ask a two word question: What now?  – In this interview, she will address why asking that question is important and how it can help you move on.

  • In the book, Lisa also shares the importance of getting to the good, “It is being courageous enough to move into something better – a better fruit, better mental health, better perspective, better life of hope and positivity.”

Chapter topics include:

1. Accepting Something you wish were something different

2. Cheering for someone when they get what you want

3. Showing up when you want to shut down

4. Doing what God Wants Even When it’s Disappointing Others

5. Finding Joy in the Waiting

6. Making Peace with Life When it’s Brought Loss

7.  Facing Tough Conversations and Uncomfortable Truths

8. Opening Your Heart Again When it’s Been Hurt

9. Saying I’m Sorry First

10. Welcoming Change


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