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Carissa Miller of CC and Mike Creative

Spring is in the air!

March is blooming with new growth; both in nature and in life. This month also celebrates National Happiness Day. What spurs on new growth and a lifetime of happiness? Being in a career that marries your passion and purpose!

Carissa Miller is one such person who knows what it takes to follow her passion and create her own happiness. A little over four years ago, she felt a shift that resulted in a decision to pivot from a successful photography business to a full lifestyle brand. She and her husband had always designed and built their own homes, but not professionally. She enjoyed so many things – designing, decorating, DIYing, and after sharing a photo of their bedroom on social media, everything took off!

Admittedly, her leap of faith was scary but resulted in exponential growth both personally and professionally in the home décor and lifestyle brand, CC and Mike Creative, that she and her husband, Mike, have built together. Carissa encourages others to find their own happiness by stepping out of their comfort zones saying,

“Great things never come from comfort zones – get uncomfortable!”

She is passionate about this message and emphasizes, “I think there are so many people out there not living out their passion and not doing what they are created to do because they are stuck in their comfort zone.  You’ve got to get uncomfortable!”

Getting uncomfortable is an essential ingredient to breaking through the fear and finding personal happiness. “You have to take action. There is a part of us who seeks others approval, especially from those we love. I had all those thoughts of failure and embarrassment, but I just did it anyway. You have to push through the fear!”

The result of pushing through the fear is an investment in yourself – personal growth and development. Carissa is happy in her personal and professional life. Tapping into her professional design experience, she shares her key ingredient to making herself happy and that’s getting “uncomfortable” – which is not easy. It can be unnerving and just downright difficult. However, by focusing on the growth that can result from stepping out of your comfort zone, taking that first step might be the best one of your life!

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