93. Alacia Parker lives a Pure and Simple Life
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
93. Alacia Parker lives a Pure and Simple Life

Alacia Parker: A Pure and Simple Life

What do you get when you roll popular adages together like: Eat Healthy, Support Local, Farm to Table and Kid Friendly? The answer is Pure and Simple…Market, that is! Alacia Parker and her husband, Aleks, recently established Pure and Simple Market, a kid-friendly grocery store in downtown Coweta. Why? They saw a need in their community and decided to jump on the chance to create a one-stop-shop market that simplifies the grocery shopping experience while working to connect families with farmers and food producers who are close to home. And of course, creating a kid friendly space was especially important because they have four young kids themselves!

Check out the full interview in Tulsa Kids Magazine HERE.

To learn more about Pure and Simple Market, visit: puresimplemarket.com

And on Social Media:

Instagram: pure_simple_market

Facebook: puresimplemarket


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