130. Dr. Amy Emerson has a heart FULL of HOPE
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
130. Dr. Amy Emerson has a heart FULL of HOPE
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Having hope is a critical component to wellbeing. This fundamental pillar is backed by science with studies indicating it as one of the single best predictors of well-being across someone’s life span. How can someone foster and build hope for themselves and their family? That’s where local, non-profit, Hope-Driven Parenting, comes in. Dr. Amy Emerson serves as the Director of Hope Driven-Parenting, an organization that provides resources, training, and support to anyone on their parenting journey. In her career as a pediatrician, she has seen the power and science behind hope and how it is helping individuals and families thrive. During this visit, Dr. Emerson shares more about why having hope is so important, the science behind it as well as identifying hope stealers and sharing tips on how to overcome them. She also provides details about the first Hope-Driven Parenting Summit in Tulsa on March 2nd.

To register for the FREE Hope Driven Parenting Summit, click HERE.

To learn more about Hope Driven Parenting, check out: HopeDrivenParenting.org

To read the full interview, check out the February issue of Tulsa Kids Magazine: HERE


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