59. Amy Scott, Founder of You’re Invited Lifestyle
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
59. Amy Scott, Founder of You're Invited Lifestyle
Amy Scott
Amy Scott

Amy Scott first fell in love with event planning while working for a pharmaceutical company 21 years ago.  From there she founded a highly successful business that was franchised across numerous states. Her entrepreneurial spirit has guided her into forming another business concept called, You’re Invited Lifestyle.

You’re Invited was inspired by a desire to provide an environment of community and creativity while exposing guests to local business owners in a unique way. As she puts it, “My hope is that everyone who walks into the event will feel inspired, special, and personally invited!”

I was fortunate enough to attend the last You’re Invited event featuring business owners who were sharing their knowledge in a workshop format. It provided an opportunity for guests to learn tips from business owners that carry into their personal lives. I want to mention that if you don’t know your own personal passion, this workshop would be interesting for you to attend to see what areas might be interesting for you to learn and grow from. You never know what you might like until you try it!

As a side note, I met Alisha Stanley from She Brews Coffee at this event (podcast episode 52) she was promoting She Brews and handing out cups of coffee!

During our visit, Amy shared her perspective on growing a business concept into something viable and her words of wisdom for those who are fearful of taking the next step.

To find out more about Amy and You’re Invited Lifestyle, visit her on Instagram: @youreinvitedlifestyle and online: youreinvitedlifestyle.com.


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