Episode 43: Annette King, Head Poop Scooper at Wild Heart Ranch
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 43: Annette King, Head Poop Scooper at Wild Heart Ranch

Annette King has always been drawn to helping animals. The beginning signs of what would eventually become her life’s passion started when she was a young child, caring for stray animals.  It wasn’t until 1996, that everything came together! She purchased a small farm in Rogers County and it wasn’t long before animals and friends with injured wildlife were finding their way to her home and Wild Heart Ranch was born. What started out small has grown into an organization that has helped over 75,000 animals over the past twenty-five years.

Tell us about your book, The Road to Release:

Annette: Everything you need to know about what I do is in my book. The future of wildlife rescue is always uncertain. It is an expensive mission, a ton of work and lots of laws and regulations to follow. I love what I do, and it wasn’t easy to build this mission, but it has been the most magical twenty-six years of my life. You have to be completely dedicated to the animals every single day, which leaves little or no time for anything else. As I say to every new wildlife rehabilitator I recruit and train; “If you have no life outside of animal care, you are doing it right.” Books are available through Amazon.

To find Annette M. King and Wild Heart Ranch:

Facebook: @WildHeartRanch

IG: @wild_heart_ranch_ranch_wildlife

Website: www.4thewild.org


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