96. Annette LaFortune Murray: Children’s Book Author
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
96. Annette LaFortune Murray: Children's Book Author

Annette Murray is a “retired” educator and school librarian, she stays busy as a part-time Concierege for Montereau (that’s where I met her!) and continues her passion for education through this picture book, ABC What do you See? Traveling Along Route 66. This book features the iconic Route 66 in ABC order highlighting Historic landmarks, fascinating wildlife, maps, quirky attractions, delicious food, and famous architecture are portrayed perfectly on every page!

Fun fact: She lives on Route 66 in Tulsa! She also talks about what she did to prepare for writing this book and her decision not to pursue the traditional publishing route and her reasoning behind that!


ANNETTE LAFORTUNE MURRAY is an author, educator, and retired school librarian who lives in Tulsa near Route 66. Dozens of family summer trips on Route 66 are her inspiration for writing this book. After working as a teacher and librarian for nearly 30 years, Annette’s passion for picture books remained in her heart. After taking online coursework during the pandemic, she had the courage and skills to create this comprehensive, picture book.

You can learn more about Annette or order a book through her website: AuthorAnnetteMurray.com.

You can also find Annette on Social Media! Instagram: @author_annette_murray and on Facebook: Annette Murray Writes.



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