Episode 67: Annmarie Gustafson is a Marketing & Digital Design Maven
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 67: Annmarie Gustafson is a Marketing & Digital Design Maven
Annmarie Gustafson photos by Mia J. Photography
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Annmarie is smart, savvy and knows her niche – strategizing with small businesses to set them up for success. When I connected with Annmarie, I only had an idea for my business, but she took it to the next level in educating me in the fundamentals of what needed to be included on my website as well as building my website! She even provided video tutorials that enabled me to learn how to update my website with information and posts on a weekly basis.

Prior to starting my podcast, I attempted to build my own website. No, I did not have a clue about building a website, I was just trying to save money. Needless to say, I was spinning my wheels and spending time trying to learn something when I should have been spending my time focusing on what I was good at and enjoyed and out-sourced the web development! After wasting countless hours, I relented and started looking for a web developer who could help me without it costing a fortune. Luckily, I found Annmarie through Instagram & when I did, I hit the jackpot! She is smart, witty and knows her stuff. She can take an idea and run with it – providing guidance, support and most importantly, has a keen knack for understanding what it’s like to be a one-person start-up. Her knowledge base guides small businesses in strategic thinking and knows how to implement ideas that are forward thinking for a small business starting out and expecting to grow!

During our visit she shares how she got into marketing and web development and how she has created a life she loves! And she’s able to work around her kids schedules! She also shares a little about her process and what services she provides to small businesses and start-up’s.

About Annmarie:

Annmarie Gustafson is a Marketing-Based Web Designer and Email Marketing Expert. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a focus on Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Throughout the years, she has enjoyed working with numerous small businesses and non-profits, helping them get exposure and gain momentum. Working with start-ups and “solopreneurs” allows her to help people turn their dreams into a reality!

Find Annmarie:

Online: Annmariegutafson.com

Instagram: Annmarie.Gustafson


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