101. Betty Casey: Award Winning Author and Illustrator
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
101. Betty Casey: Award Winning Author and Illustrator

Betty Casey works for Tulsa Kids Magazine, an award-winning publication, where she has been the editor for over thirty years. She is also a successful author of three children’s books, May Finds Her Way, inspired by a true story of an Iditarod Sled Dog; That is a Hat, inspired by her loved of animals; and The Prince and the Prairie, inspired by the Tallgrass Prairie and the bison who reign in that region.

That is a Hat was chosen by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries as the featured children’s book for Read Across Oklahoma. She is also a talented artist and has her works at at Sky Gallery on Route 66 in Tulsa.

Our visit will shed light into finding a publisher, she connected with Oklahoma-based, Roadrunner Press, along with her background and the timing of when she started writing and illustrating books – because it happened after her kids were grown! She also shares what she does to manage stress as well as her perspective on living purposefully.

Betty’s Bio:

Betty Selakovich Casey is the editor and associate publisher of TulsaKids Magazine, a parenting publication. She is the author/illustrator of three children’s books: May Finds Her Way, That Is a Hat and The Prince of the Prairie (The RoadRunner Press). She is an artist and currently has works at Sky Gallery on Route 66 in Tulsa. She has won numerous writing awards, including several national honors from the Parenting Media Association and regional Great Plains Journalism awards. That Is a Hat was chosen as the 2023 Read Across Oklahoma children’s book. 

You can connect with Betty online at:

Here’s my RoadRunner Press website: http://www.bettyselakovichcasey.com/

Connect on Instagram @bettyselakovichcasey1

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