94. Beverly Anderson: Founder of EQ Wear
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
94. Beverly Anderson: Founder of EQ Wear
Beverly Anderson

Beverly Anderson is tenacious and driven. She is also one of my favorite people! She is a friend who I admire for her tenacity and work ethic. In fact, at the beginning of the episode we talk about our 15 plus year friendship and group of friends who has gotten together – we met when our kids were in preschool and now they are seniors in high school!

But then we get into her business. She is a true entrepreneur at heart and shares about her education and passions coming together to form the EQ brand. She is a passionate equestrian who saw a niche market and developed a clothing line known as EQ Wear. She also shares a story about going to a show to market her product but not having any product to sell and what she did to make her idea work.

This visit is special to me and I hope you enjoy it, too!


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