Episode 35: Coach Sprenk, Changing the Narrative on Women’s weight-loss after pregnancy
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 35: Coach Sprenk, Changing the Narrative on Women's weight-loss after pregnancy
Jessica Sprenkel a.k.a. “Coach Sprenk” (Photo: Jessica Sprenkel)

Jessica Sprenkel, known as “Coach Sprenk,” serves her clients in two capacities; she is a birth doula who owns a gym and fitness studio. Her areas of educational expertise marry with her coaching ability for her dual roles as personal fitness trainer and doula. She is passionate about helping women during the pregnancy process through her role as doula and continues to support them through exercise classes and personalized fitness routines following their pregnancies. Her philosophy focuses on an individualized approach, helping women thrive before, during and after giving birth.

To contact Coach Sprenk and check out her doula services and exercise classes for pregnancy and post partum, visit: https://coachsprenkel.com.


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