Episode 68: Cyndi Kane shares her secret for simplifying supper
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 68: Cyndi Kane shares her secret for simplifying supper
Cyndi Kane

The start of summer ushers in feelings of bright, happy days and a slower pace that is conducive to creating special memories. The extra family time is wonderful, especially around the dinner table, but that can add an additional layer of complexity in meal planning and preparation. Enter in Cyndi Kane’s new cookbook, Save It Forward Suppers. Her unique concept simplifies meal planning and is a game-changer that considers budget and time. It even helps with recipes that include those ever-important vegetables!

As a mother of four, Cyndi will be the first to admit that getting dinner on the table every night can be daunting, but she has devised a way to make it easier with just a little strategic planning. And she discovered this first-hand while planning meals for the past thirty plus years! During that time, she cracked the code for simplifying her meal planning and is now spilling the beans and sharing her techniques of how she managed to make all those meals with such ease! Even her best friend, Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Women, sings her praises as the home cook that she most aspires to be like!

Check Cyndi out on Instagram: @therealcyndikane and her online boutique: House of Hyacinth.

Her cookbook, Save-it-forward Suppers, is available everywhere books are sold.


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