Episode 12: Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement inspired by Ali Hanson
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 12: Nancy's Nudge of Encouragement inspired by Ali Hanson
NNE Ali Hanson Episode 12
Ali Hanson’s Inspirational Quote

Ali Hanson, also known as the Bone Broth Lady, believes the catalyst food in her health transformation journey was bone broth. She believed it it’s healing properties so much, she touted it’s results to her social media followers and the idea for a business was born! According to Ali, ” I was overwhelmed by the number of people asking me about it on social media, and the light bulb moment came on that there’s a need for good tasting bone broth, so I started the first bone broth business in the state! I had no idea what would come from this business – I just knew I had been given a gift that I had to share.” Easier said than done! It took Ali making a plan to start her business and deciding that although she didn’t have any experience in starting her business, she was going to make it happen! And she did!

I believe the quote she shared exhibits a “growth” mindset! She was determined to make it happen and when she ran into road blocks or something didn’t go as planned, she learned from it and moved on! This week’s Nudge of Encouragement explains why a growth mindset is important and gives two resources – the book, Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck as well as Dr. Dweck’s eleven-minute TED Talk. Life can be hard and obstacles will always get in the way, but with the right mindset, you can overcome them – learn from your failures! – and continue on the path of achieving your goals if you view everything as a learning opportunity!


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