Episode 14: Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement with Whitney English
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 14: Nancy's Nudge of Encouragement with Whitney English
Whitney English Nudge
Creative Entrepreneur, Whitney English

Social media can be an amazing tool. It has the power to connect us to others through inspiration, ideas and knowledge. On the flip side, it also can create feelings of comparison with others who are at different levels and stages. Creator, Artist, Innovator and Entrepreneur, Whitney English is aware of comparison, but chooses to focus on what she can control – including her own actions and abilities. During our visit, I asked Whitney about comparison.

Admittedly, she is not one that gets too caught up with comparison, but Whitney shared that at times, it helps to just put blinders on (to comparison)! Sometimes doing so can lead to break-throughs and instrumental growth! In Whitney’s words, “Just create and share it. Put it out there and stop second guessing yourself.”

Listen to the podcast at https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/episode14

This quick nudge of encouragement is inspired by Whitney’s quote and is less than five minutes! Check out WhitneyEnglish.com to learn more about Whitney all things Whitney English including her philosophy, products and more!


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