Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement with Tyler Thrasher
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Nancy's Nudge of Encouragement with Tyler Thrasher
Tyler Thrasher Art
Quote by Tyler Thrasher

Tyler Thrasher is so many things – husband, father, and artist and social media influencer. His significant following on social media has given him a platform with supporters who love his work and believe in the “good” he is doing. What good is that? Well, during quarantine, he quickly realized the impact he could make by raising money, through t-shirt sales, for the Black Lives Matter movement. His energy and focus in that project quickly raised over $75,000.

He doesn’t take his influencer role lightly, saying,

“It so easy to do good. If you have all the ingredients and don’t do good, what good are you?”

What does that mean? You don’t have to have a big platform to give back or help out in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Nancy’s Nudge this week is to do some good in your own way! Everyone has the ability to do so – Tyler’s was significant because he utilized his platform, but you can start out small by through a small act or gesture – no matter the size, you can make a lasting positive impact on someone or something – like an organization.

I’d also like to encourage you take some time to look into the BLM movement. As Tyler pointed out during our discussion, there are ways to educate yourself, get involved and support the movement.

In fact, look at Tyler’s IG page (TylerThrasherArt) from July 2 and read “4 things you can do to become a better ally.” You can educate yourself, spread awareness, volunteer and donate money. Tyler is working on a project of “Do good gang” that you can certainly get involved with and I highly encourage you to do so. By facing these hard facts and feelings we can learn from them and do better now and in the future.

And again, a quick plug for Tyler because he is such a talented artist! Check out the latest exhibition at the Philbrook Museum confronting racial violence in Tulsa and America that he is a part of called “From the Limitations of Now.” (

And finally, I also want to give notice to the 1921 Centennial Race Riot Massacre Centennial Commission who is raising awareness and building up the area of Tulsa known as Black Wall Street. June 1, 2021 is Economic Empowerment Day – go to to find out more.

Find Tyler Thrasher on Instagram @tylerthrasherart or at


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