Episode 2: Hanna C. Howard
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 2: Hanna C. Howard
Hanna C. Howard and Nancy Moore

Hanna C. Howard is shining a bright light during the COVID-19 pandemic darkness through her new book, Ignite the Sun. This story took her almost ten years to write and get published, but through it all, she didn’t give up!

In this episode, Hanna shares the techniques she used to strengthen her ability to persevere and accomplish her goal of getting her first book published! 

Ignite the Sun offers a timely message that resonates well with its teenage audience and pushes readers into another world that is imaginative and inspiring. The storyline is unique and impactful – even incorporating a character who struggles with anxiety. The premise teaches readers that decisions have consequences and although taking action might be difficult, it will eventually yield their desired results if they persevere.


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