Episode 23: Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement inspired by Chef Shannon Smith
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 23: Nancy's Nudge of Encouragement inspired by Chef Shannon Smith
Quote by Chef Shannon Smith
“Get out of your comfort zone & just share what you know.”

What would you do if you were asked to fly to a foreign country and teach a skill to people in need?

Chef Shannon Smith took that opportunity and ran with it! If you don’t know what I’m talking about – you need to listen to my interview with Shannon last week (Episode 22)! She shared so much during the interview – how she got started, her love of cooking and what she’s working on now! that she has been to 45 countries and so going abroad is something that is easy for her – but volunteering her time to teach others in a foreign country was something that took significant planning! Do you know what she did? I’ll give you a hint – she taught cooking and sewing. You probably knew that given she’s a chef! But she started a career as a seamstress early on and had those skills to share, too.

Chef Shannon will admit, she has her dream job! She is doing what she loves and helping others in the process.

Shannon loves people – and is a natural connector. She knows how to cook and entertain and I love a good party! What drew me to visiting with Shannon was her heart for giving back. She is doing what she loves but is also giving back in the process. I recorded this podcast in 2019 PRE-COVID – when she was kind enough to tell me yes when I asked to interview her  – and I’m FINALLY able to post this interview. I have a few more in the coming months that were pre-recorded, so I’m excited to share!

During my podcast interview with Shannon, she shared about going to the Dominican Republic and leading cooking and sewing classes to help people learn life skills that would allow them to make an income.

Her gift for volunteering and giving back has given her so much joy! She is at the stage in her life, where her kids are older and she can focus on how she wants to spend her time. I grabbed this quote from our fascinating conversation on how she spends her time and what she recommends to others who aren’t sure what to do with their time or who want to give back:

Insert quote:

My nudge this week is to share what you know! Figure out a way to volunteer or give back – it might even be tutoring students or reaching out to a school or your child’s school to see how you can help. I know Covid has given us restrictions, so other ideas might include helping a friend watch her kids, take a meal or plant some flowers for a neighbor. Clean out a closet and donate them to a place that can sell them to raise money for other non-profits.

Sharing what you know is a WIN-WIN! According to the Mayo Clinic, in their article, “Helping People, Changing Lives: The 6 Health Benefits of Volunteering” – it can:

Lower stress

Boost self-confidence

Decrease the risk of depression

Gives a sense of purpose and teaches valuable skills

Helps people stay physically and mentally active

AND it a great way to meet others who share the same interests! That wraps up my nudge of encouragement! Remember to check out Chef Shannon from wherever you are – she offers virtual cooking classes that you can take advantage of from anywhere. She has so many incredible recipes if you need some dinner inspiration! Find her on IG @ChefShannon or her website: chef Shannon.com and if you go to her website and sign up for her newsletter, she will send you a free copy of her e-book, “Be My Guest: Five Dinners From Around the World.”

To read more about the article referenced, go to: https://www.mayoclinichealthsystem.org/hometown-health/speaking-of-health/helping-people-changing-lives-the-6-health-benefits-of-volunteering and check out Chef Shannon Smith on Instagram @chefshannon and her website for recipes, cooking tips, or to reserve a spot in one of her classes or dinners! chefshannon.com


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