Episode 5: Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement with Betsy Hendershot
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 5: Nancy's Nudge of Encouragement with Betsy Hendershot
Betsy Hendershot, Founder of Downward Dog Wine
Betsy Hendershot, Founder of Downward Dog Wine

Betsy Hendershot: Ready to Swirl, Smell, Sip and Support

With the holidays in full swing, we caught up with a new face in the wine industry who is toasting the town with her own boxed wine label, Downward Dog Wine. Betsy Hendershot is the woman behind the local brand that launched only two and a half years ago. As she can attest, starting a business while raising kids is a balancing act, but understands it is well worth the investment as she witnesses the slow, steady and positive growth in both.

Betsy’s family is a constant source of support and has served as the key inspiration in several business decisions – including her plans of donating 5% of all sales to various children’s charities. Even the branding cleverly captures the family dog, a Cockapoo named Lincoln, in the downward dog yoga pose, a nod to her yoga influence. 

During our interview, she shared that there have been a million things that she had thought of and wanted to do, but didn’t. So, when it came to this, she was highly interested in the industry and passionate about making good boxed wine. So, she started the business with just an idea, she was committed to growing it from the ground up. It seems like an overwhelming task; but not for Betsy. She did it by making the decision to just start.

According to Betsy, “If you just start, you’ll get somewhere.”

Listen to “Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement with Betsy Hendershot” where I discuss why her quote is important as well as a couple of tip’s on how to “just start.”


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