145. Dr. Erica Kumar is playing her cards right
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
145. Dr. Erica Kumar is playing her cards right
Erica Kumar
Dr. Erica Kumar

There’s a well known phrase, “Bloom where you are planted” & there are many ways this phrase is applicable to my conversation with Dr. Erica Kumar. For starters, she has done exactly that. During our visit, you’ll hear how she is playing her cards right in embracing opportunities and has created a life she loves with her family in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You’ll also learn about her involvement in philanthropy, including serving as co-chair with her husband Neel, for the Stacked Deck Fundraiser in Sept. She shares more about Resonance, the women’s organization directly benefitting from the fundraiser and how this fundraiser really helps to support the women who have the cards stacked against them. She also gives some excellent advice for anyone at any stage! To learn more about Resonance, visit: Resonancetulsa.org.


I would like to thank my sponsor, Dr. Jaclyn Duvall, The OK Headache Doctor.  Dr. Duvall is a Mayo Clinic trained neurologist who is certified in Headache Medicine and runs Headache Specialists of Oklahoma here in Tulsa.

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, you’re not alone. Migraine affects 1 billion people worldwide. In fact, Migraine is the #1 cause of disability in women ages 15 – 55. So, if you’d like to learn more about migraine or find out how you can effectively manage migraine with a specialist, schedule a visit with Dr. Duvall’s office. To learn more or schedule a visit, check out: hsoo.org.


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