David Berntson: Harmonica in his hand & Music in his heart
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David Berntson: Harmonica in his hand & Music in his heart

Accomplished musician and talented harmonica player, David Berntson, successfully engages audiences of all ages. His love for the instrument began at a young age when he taught himself to play. Over forty years of playing has led to mastering many genres of music and earning numerous accolades. A couple of the awards include his induction into the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame in 2015 and most recently was presented with the Morrow-Webster Lifetime Achievement Award by the Blues Society of Tulsa.
His unique playing style, love of blues genre, and gift of connecting with people make him an engaging entertainer and educator. He has found happiness in his career by combining two passions- working with kids and playing music. As a Drug and Alcohol Prevention Educator, he successfully appeals to kids by blending music with character education. Admittedly, playing the harmonica became a positive way to express his emotions during his teenage years. In August, he will be teaching kids classes (ages 8 – 21) at the Annual SPAH (Society for the Prevention and Advancement of the Harmonica) Convention and encourages parents to register their kids for this unique musical experience.

Find David on Facebook: https://facebook.com/davidberntson


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