Episode 47: Jennifer Moorman inspires Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 47: Jennifer Moorman inspires Nancy's Nudge of Encouragement
Photo credit: Jennifer Moorman

Time – everyone only has 24 hours in a day!

How do you spend that time? You get to decide. If you think you’re being pulled in so many directions and don’t have time for one more thing, then reevaluate what you spend your time on. Also, think about when you wake up and when you go to bed – maybe you’ll find that you are spending time on unnecessary tasks – grocery shopping when you can just do an online order and pick-up.

I want to visit with you about your goals. If you are listening to this, you probably have some goals set – and if you don’t maybe you should. If you have an idea of where you’re going, you’ll get there faster!

For example, if one of your goals is to write a book a year, like my guest Jennifer Moorman. Then you figure out how to make that a reality. On top of writing one book a year, she self-published them which includes marketing, distribution and everything that goes with it! Remember, she has a full-time job. During our visit she emphasized making time for what’s important, listen to this, insert quote here.

She went even further than that by suggesting that people schedule the time to work on tasks that are most important to them – even if you just start with 5 minutes a day for the first week, you’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish in 30 minutes of time by the end of the week!

My nudge for the week is to Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. What does that mean? It means that I want you to identify a few select people to share your big dream, or goal, with. I want you to set up a time to visit with them – maybe 30 minutes via Zoom, it doesn’t have to be in person where you “talk the talk” and tell them about your goal. Then…I want you to start “Walking the Walk” – that means following through and taking action! Schedule weekly or bi-monthly meetings, or even monthly meetings with this small group who are there to hold you accountable in your actions, support you in your pursuits and encourage you to follow that goal – because, chances are, it will be difficult.

So, in wrapping up, find a group to hold you accountable and who can be your cheerleaders and visa-versa. Cheer them on, too! And take action (my best advice is to schedule daily time to work on your goal! – you’ll be further along doing 5 minutes a day than doing nothing at all! Making small accomplishments will help fuel your interest in continuing!

This week, start Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk!

To learn more about Jennifer, visit her online:

Website: https://www.jennifermoorman.com

Instagram: @jennifer7478

Facebook: Jennifer Moorman

Also, I encourage you to check out the HOLIDAY EDITION of This Inspired Life Magazine, a complimentary copy in digital format. The idea for the magazine was sparked by Jennifer’s heart for spreading positivity, encouragement and joy! As Editor-in-Chief, she works with a team of several others to thoughtfully curate a beautiful and inspiring publication. To view the publication, CLICK HERE.


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