113. Kelly Gibson: Sharing Tulsa’s Rich History through Storytelling
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
113. Kelly Gibson: Sharing Tulsa's Rich History through Storytelling
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Kelly Gibson owns Tours of Tulsa and has a deep love of storytelling. In this episode you’ll learn more about Kelly’s background, how she grew-up living at a summer camp year-round, and later on how she negotiated with her full-time employer to have a “side-hustle” giving tours of Tulsa and why she eventually left accounting to pursue something she is truly passionate about – sharing the rich history of Tulsa! 

Tulsa is RICH with history! We have some of the most beautiful history of the country as well as some of the hardest history as well. It is ALL of our history that makes us who we are as Tulsan’s, and it is our responsibility to know our legacy and be as informed as we can.

Kelly Gibson

To connect with Kelly and Tours of Tulsa, visit: ToursofTulsa.com or call (918)625-4909.

Facebook: Tours of Tulsa

Instagram: @toursoftulsa

About Kelly:

In 2006, she started giving Historical, walking, tunnel, tours for Bandana Tours of Tulsa. Alice Froeschle was the owner at that time. She was also working full-time for a law firm during this time and the law firm would let her clock in and out whenever she had a walking tour as long as she got her required hours in for the day.

In 2013, she was was able to purchase the tour company and leave the job at the law firm. She also changed the name to Tours of Tulsa! They offer a variety of tours on a daily basis!

Her hope at the end of every tour is that people will have at least seen one thing they have never seen, or that they may have heard at least one thing they have never heard, but most importantly, that each person would have a new appreciation and new love for this great City we get to live in called Tulsa, Oklahoma!


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