81. Kelly Mize Holley, Master Fashion Stylist for Women
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
81. Kelly Mize Holley, Master Fashion Stylist for Women
Kelly Mize Holly
Kelly Mize Holley

Are you familiar with the phrases, “Dress for Success, “Dress for the Way You Want to be Seen,” or “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? The clothes you wear are part of your personal brand. They share a little about who you are before you even open your mouth.

In this podcast, I visit with a Master Stylist for Women, Kelly Mize Holley. She shares about her shyness growing up and how she was able to help overcome that through her choice in fashion. We also talk about her entrepreneurial background and owning a clothing boutique for over ten years and what she learned from that experience. She also shares more about her current business and how she’s on a mission to help women be the best they can be by transforming one closet at a time.

You can find Kelly online:

Instagram: Kelly Mize Holley Style

Facebook: Kelly Mize Holley


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