138. Lisa Bain is supporting people through hardship
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
138. Lisa Bain is supporting people through hardship
Lisa Bain

Lisa Bain knows hardship and suffering because she has experienced it first-hand. It’s really something that nobody can escape, but the severity and how it is dealt with varies significantly from person to person. Despite Lisa’s circumstances, she chooses to search for the bright side and in doing so, is a champion¬†spreading joy and kindness. In fact, she created a non-profit, Lisa Bain Ministries, that is centered around doing so. Her faith and furry friends are also key components of Lisa Bain Ministries. During this visit you’ll hear from Lisa as she sheds light into details about leaving a foundation she started and how that has brought her to develop the new foundation that continues the mission to:

“Deliver hope and tangible support to those who are facing illness, a special need or a crisis situation.”

For Lisa, it’s all about care, connection and community.

We caught up with Lisa during a month that corresponds with National Pet Therapy Day (April 30th) because who better to visit about the positive impact that animals can have in the therapy/recovery process of individuals than Lisa!

Check out LisaBain.com for more info. about Lisa or to purchase any of her books, stuffed animals, jewelry and more!


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To read the full article in the April 2024 issue, check out: TulsaKids.com


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