Episode 36: Lisa Whittle, Author of The Hard Good
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 36: Lisa Whittle, Author of The Hard Good
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Lisa Whittle’s new book, The Hard Good, provides a solid roadmap for anyone who has experienced hard times or difficult circumstances in their life.

Human nature causes some people to want to resist the hard, turn away and try to substitute things in place of feeling those certain feelings of disappointment, frustration, longing, emptiness, inadequacy, jealousy (the list is long!) – but Lisa encourages people to take that hard journey. This book reframes the work we need to do in the inevitable “hard” times of our lives – giving us tangible tips to help us recognize triggers of shutdown and tricks to aid in quickly deescalating feelings of making us realize the importance to going through it with God.

This insightful book will assist readers in navigating your way though the hardship and difficulties to come out to the good that you are meant to live. But the catch, you have to experience and live it – every minute of those hard and difficult feelings because good can come from hitting those feelings head-on. You can emerge through your difficulty a better, stronger person who is then able to reach your full potential in life. What is the “good?” The good is not being stuck and fearing shut-down! It is feeling, thinking, praising, rejoicing, and living! Don’t you want to feel better?

Find Lisa on Instagram at Lisa Whittle or online at lisawhittle.com/good.


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