97. Lorena Rivas: Successful Attorney and Entrepreneur
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
97. Lorena Rivas: Successful Attorney and Entrepreneur
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Lorena Rivas is hard-working, determined, smart and witty. She wears many hats, including wife, mother, and successful Immigration Attorney. Her background in the legal profession has taken her on an incredible professional journey that has led to entrepreneurship. Prior to Covid, she was working 70 – 80+ hours a week and burning the candle at both ends. Although she loved what she was doing, she knew she was close to reaching burnout. However, everything changed for her and her business in 2020 and she was able to reset. She took some time to shift the focus of her business and make some instrumental changes. She even got creative by utilizing social media to expand her business and the growth was exponential! Now, she leads a team of professionals who share her vision. The bottom line: the changes she made reaped big rewards personally, professionally, and financially! In fact, Rivas and Associates just earned an impressive accolade from Inc. Magazine ranking her firm as the 31st Fastest Growing Company in the Southwest Region. 

Throughout this process, she has become savvy in business and is expanding her services into consulting with other attorneys who are looking to build their businesses as well. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge and is not afraid to dream big! She recently bought a building that will become the new company headquarters. During our visit, she shares a little about her humble beginnings growing up in a town of only fifty people, how an attorney helped her family when she was young, as well as the process she took in earning her J.D. Degree. You’ll also hear more about how she is growing her business in exciting new ways along with her plans to give-back!

You can find her online at: https://www.rivasassociates.com/ and on Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abogada_lorena_rivas/ and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbogadaLorenaRivas

A little more about Lorena:

Lorena Rivas, is the founder and CEO of Rivas & Associates. Her practice focuses on immigration law striving to make the American dream a reality for many immigrants. With over 10 years of experience and a vast amount of knowledge in immigration law, Lorena is committed to keeping her community informed and knowledgeable on immigration affairs, by participating in immigration forums that are hosted throughout the City of Tulsa. With her  presence on social media and having a following of 200,000 and currently having three immigration segments airing weekly on T.V. and on radio stations, she is able to share her knowledge with a larger audience.  She has also appeared in the L.A Times and Telemundo. Lorena and her firm have been recognized by SuperLawyers since 2019. She was also nationally awarded by the American Immigration Council in the same year. In addition to that she was honored with the William’s Women of Inspiration Award and the Fern Holland Award by the University of Tulsa College of Law. 


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