132. Mikyah Davis is Making Herself Known
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
132. Mikyah Davis is Making Herself Known
Mikyah Davis
Photo Credit: Jerry Lambert

Episode 132 with Mikyah Davis, host  @Knownorunknown Podcast is now available.

In this episode you’ll hear from Mikyah Davis. Mikyah is a young woman who is encouraging mental, physical and spiritual health and wellness through her podcast, Known or Unknown. She’s only a junior in college and is such an encouragment to other young women! She’s also a model and future entrepreneur. She has big dreams and lofty goals but she’s in the process of putting in the work to set herself up for success. She’s only a junior in college and definitely not afraid of a challenge. She started a podcast by doing her own research and has plans for combining two businesses that she cares deeply about.

If you have a dream in your heart – or dared to dream big – and have a strong work ethic, you’ll be able to relate to what Mikyah is doing. Our conversation provides insight into how she’s doing, we discuss mental and physical health, how she’s working on her goals/dreams as well as what fuels her passion!

Instagram: @knownorunknown

Youtube: Known or Unknown Podcast


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