Episode 69: Season Three Wrap-up
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 69: Season Three Wrap-up

As I wrap-up Season Three, I want to thank everyone for listening! I’m taking a podcasting summer break and will return in August (August 16th!) – but look for recaps of past episodes and live visits along with my real life stuff –  on IG and Facebook all summer long!

This season I had the opportunity to learn from so many people and speak at several events! It was a treat to visit with people who are on the path towards finding and following their passion. I am looking to be a resource that propels you forward! Please share this podcast with others – those who are graduating from high school and college who are thinking about what their next step is. It might even be good for parents with kids who don’t have a clear vision of a career path or creative journey.

My goal is to have this podcast be a resource for people to find their own passion and provide inspiration once you do to follow that passion! I believe when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, that’s where you’ll find purpose.

I kicked off 2022 with the theme – Make 2022 the Year of You and provided some resources for you – including how to set goals, creating a Personal Mission Statement, the importance of building community and how to build your own community.

What are you thinking about/dreaming about right now? It’s up to you to make that happen – and you can absolutely do it! I’ve visited with people who are creative entrepreneurs, fitness experts, special advocates a woman who now has her life back on track from serving time in prison and others who have created a business from just an idea.

I’m kicking off a Summer Campaign for you to join me – well, join my email list! I’ll be sending out information – including links to my YouTube videos (that are uncut! And really behind the scenes!) along with recaps of former guests you’ll be interested in hearing from. Also, I’d like to have a meet up in the fall to network and build community and I’d love to invite you. Subscribe to my email list and to receive all this great information.

Have I visited with someone who you can identify with? If not, please send me an email at sharingpassionandpurpose@gmail.com and let me know who you’re interested in hearing from or the type of career/job you’re interested in learning more about. Who would you like to hear from – you can send me some information about who you would like to hear from you.

What will Season 4 bring? I’ll be back on August 16th sharing some great conversations with people who are living their passion and following their purpose. I’ll be visiting with a vintner, a stylist, a professional chef and so many more!

Leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “Be more interested than interesting.” – This is similar to the quote “It’s better to be interested than interesting.” – Jane Fonda.

That’s me…I am always interested, always curious and love to learn! I am wildly interested in other people’s stories and I love to learn, so this podcast has been an amazing journey for me. So far I have been blessed with meeting and interviewing hundreds of people even prior to launching my podcast.

Again, thank you for joining me on this journey. This summer I’ll be preparing for Season 4! Can’t wait!

Happy Summer, Friends!


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