86: Season 4 Wrap-up & Sharing Theme for Season FIVE!
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
86: Season 4 Wrap-up & Sharing Theme for Season FIVE!

I learned so much from my guests this season! It has been wonderful to visit with so many people who are passionate about what they’re doing and feel like they are living their purpose. Building the podcast has been a journey that I’m so grateful to be on! Recording weekly podcasts is a treat and I am so appreciative of my guests who took the time to visit with me to share their stories! I hope you are able to glean something from each guest, too!

Season4 Wrapup

The following is a round-up of all my Season 4 episodes (there are a few mini-episodes surrounding the theme of Make 2022 the Year of You!). In case you missed one (or two!), I hope you take a few minutes to listen!

70. Welcome to Season 4: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.libsyn.com/welcome-to-season-4

71. Lisa Shotts with Gaining Ground Literacy: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/lisashotts

72. Registered and Licensed Dietician, Stephanie Harris https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/stephanieharris

73. John Favell – Enjoy a Career with No Regrets: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.libsyn.com/john-favell-enjoy-a-career-with-no-regrets

74. Adrienne Kallweit – An Entrepreneur who is putting Family First: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/adriennekallweit

75. My Top Two Tips for LinkedIn:https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/linkedintips

76. Mia Mascarin Oven on the Importance of Giving Back and her Role at 32 Winds Winery: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/mia-mascarin-oven

77. Tia Baker on Creating a Superfood Brownie Business from Scratch: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/tia-baker

78. Do you have a bucket list? This mini-episode is only 5 minutes! https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/grandcanyon

79. Tina Parkhill, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/tinaparkhill

80. Kate Atkinson embraces new opportunities: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/kateatkinson

81. Kelly Mize Holly – Master Fashion Stylist for Women: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/kellymizeholley

82. Lisa Mast – Professional Digital Photo Organizer and Creative Entrepreneur: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcat/lisamast

83. Gratitude. This mini-episode is only 5 minutes! : https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/gratitude

84. Jody McIntyre at the Circle Cinema: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/jodymcintyre

85. Wrapping up this years theme “Make 2022 the Year of You” and a thought on comparison: https://sharingpassionandpurpose.com/podcast/embracecomparison

I’m going into 2023 with a plan!

Next year I would like to include a special focus on purpose. Finding Purpose and How to Live Your Purpose have been questions that people have sent me over and over! So, the theme for 2023 is (imagine a drum-rolllllll)… Live Purpose-FULLY in 2023. I will be asking guests questions about what living purposefully means to them and how they achieve it! Also, why they feel like what they are doing contributes to their purpose!

Look for this podcast to return for Season Five on Tuesday, January 17th! Until then, please join me on social media!

Instagram: @sharingpassionandpurpose

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sharingpassionandpurpose/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sharing-passion-and-purpose/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/passionsharing


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