Episode 37: Nancy’s Nudge inspired by Lisa Whittle
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 37: Nancy's Nudge inspired by Lisa Whittle
HardGood hmmmm
The Hard Good by Lisa Whittle

This nudge of encouragement centers around my visit with Lisa Whittle in Podcast Episode 36 about her newest book – The Hard Good. This is a must-read for anyone struggling to overcome hard feelings – from loss of a loved one to jealousy and body image. Resisting those feelings is not the answer. In fact, Lisa acknowledges that being a “resistor” will hinder your progress towards healing! The topics covered in this book help readers create their own path of navigating those hard feelings in order to progress into healing and feeling good! Approx. playing time: 5 minutes

To find out more about Lisa’s book or to order, visit: lisawhittle.com/good


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