Episode 45: Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement inspired by Alyssa Rosenheck’s best-selling book, The New Southern Style
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Episode 45: Nancy's Nudge of Encouragement inspired by Alyssa Rosenheck's best-selling book, The New Southern Style
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Alyssa Rosenheck (Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck)

Nancy’s Nudge of Encouragement:

This nudge of encouragement offers a sneak peek into the pages of Alyssa Rosenheck’s best-selling book, The New Southern Style. With over 30 creatives rooted in the pages of this beautifully curated book, Alyssa’s mission with this project is to support the reader through life pivots, inspire creative courage, and encourage us all to be our own agents of change.  Listening time: approx. 6 minutes

The New Southern movement:

This book shares the movement behind The New Southern: Fueled by creative entrepreneurs who are following their passion – redefining the South in a NEW way – one that emphasizes strength in unity, while at the same time, respecting differences, honoring curiosities, and reclaiming the creative light that lives within each of us.  Valuing openness, innovation and fueling creative passion.

It’s also about highlights the importance of women speaking up – that their voices can now be heard fighting racism and social injustice. She calls attention to creatives who are bravely speaking up and striving for purpose over perfection.

Alyssa’s Mission with this book:

Alyssa’s mission with this project is to support the reader through life pivots, inspire creative courage, and encourage us all to be our own agents of change. Alyssa is amplifying the voices of the next generation of creatives and turning messages into movements. 

With over 30 creative entrepreneurs in her book, there are many fascinating stories. I’ll share four of these creatives:

Maneet Chauhan – Judge on Food Network’s Chopped, James Beard Award Winner, Restaurateur, Chef and Author

Caroline Randall Williams (pg. 149) is a Human Rights activist, Poet, Playwright and Author.

Shea McGee – Co-founder of Studio McGee, Interior Designer and Author. I met Shea the same workshop where Alyssa was a presenter, at The Vintage RoundTop in Round Top, Texas. During that time, she shared that her degree wasn’t in design, however, she was so interested and passionate about helping people decorate, that she followed that calling. It wasn’t easy, but with the support of her husband, they were able to start a business that has now turned into an international brand.

Tracy Lorton Salsbury – Tulsa entrepreneur really enjoyed designing and decorating. She didn’t major in that in school however, with a little encouragement from her mentor Charles Faudree, who pushed her to believe in herself. Fast forward to present day and she owns a beautiful home décor shop, T.A. Lorton.

A sampling of questions that were asked includes: best advice, personal mantra’s and how you let yourself be vulnerable enough to share your creativity?

Manifesting is the New Daydreaming

In this section, she discusses all the steps to visualizing and feeling all the steps in the process for turning your dream into a reality. Alyssa encourages others to, “Tell yourself that you are worthy of your dreams, be grateful for the process, and feel what it feels like as if it were already a reality. Repeat this process over time. Dreams are manifested by making changes, creating new daily habits, and yessing yes to the things that align with the future vision you are creating for yourself and others.”

Alyssa’s emphasizes, “I’d like to change the narrative around creativity and instead of it being more surface, I want it to really be acknowledged as a strong companion to self-care & community care.

When you are taking time to listen to yourself and trust your gut it will lead you on an incredible path. When you are doing what you were meant to do, it not only benefits YOU, but also your immediate family as well as the community at large. You are happier and full-filled and that brings light to yourself and your spirit.

Finally, Alyssa points out, “The more we allow ourselves to lean into our light and creativity, the easier it is to lean into our calling.” (The New Southern Style, pg. 12)


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