April George, Co-founder of Turkey on the Table®
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Pictured left to right: Kerry Maunus & April George, Co-founders of Turkey on the Table®

Click on the following to watch the story of Turkey on the Table: https://youtu.be/JpaoikoOWxY

With both founders sharing Thanksgiving as their favorite holiday, they decided to make it a time of family and giving thanks throughout the month leading up to the Thanksgiving. The concept behind Turkey on the Table® is simple. “Start a tradition. Give Thanks & Give Back.”

The concept started with two moms thinking about ways they could instill gratitude in their young children. Developing the product proved to be more difficult that it seemed, but they persevered. The product is a darling turkey that can be “dressed” by adding feathers with written messages of gratitude everyday throughout the month of November. By Thanksgiving Day, the turkey is full of messages from everyone in the family!

So what is gratitude? Gratitude is defined as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” (New Oxford American) Gratitude is an emotion that can promote positive feelings and help people feel connected. Gratitude is focusing on being happy with what you have instead of what you lack.

What can you do to cultivate gratitude in yourself and your children? You can “Count your blessings” by taking a few minutes each day to sit down and write your blessings, it helps focus on what you’re are grateful for. It’s amazing how quickly the feathers fill up with meaningful and thankful messages.

On Thanksgiving Day, everyone can go around the table and read the messages shared throughout the month. It’s a conversation starter as well as a way to spark positive emotions while hearing all the messages.

Feathers can be saved from year to year. Past feathers serve as a reminder of what everyone was grateful for during previous years. New feathers and messages continue the tradition each year and keep the focus on new feelings of thankfulness.

An important part of Turkey on the Table® is giving back through their partnership with Feeding America. For every one turkey purchased, ten meals are donated to those in need. To date, over ONE MILLION meals have been donated from this one product!

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Turkey on the Table gives back through their partnership with Feeding America

To learn more about Turkey on the Table, visit their website: turkeyonthetable.com or follow them on Instagram @turkeyonthetable.


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