Make 2022 the Year of You! – By Building Your Community
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It is important to Build Your Community – Both Personally & Professionally!

  • One way to build your community is through networking!
  • What is networking?
  • It’s about creating a connection with another person.
  • Why is networking important?
  • Networking gives you access to connections that you may not have on your own and expands your connections, both personally and professionally!

What is one reason why networking is beneficial?

  • Expanding your network will help you grow! It also offers an opportunity to practice starting conversations, communicating clearly, and learning about the people around you. Interactions with people you don’t know will increase your confidence and you will no longer feel anxious about starting conversations with strangers.

Build Your Community by networking on a personal and professional basis:

  • On a personal side, think about who you enjoy being around and what you like to do in your free time. By joining different clubs/organizations or groups, you can get together with people who are like-minded. Having a common interest is a natural connection.

On a professional side, think about connecting with people in the industry you’re interested in. This is where you can keep up-to-date with industry trends! It’s also important to think about others outside of that industry who you can learn from or who you can develop a long-term relationship with.

  • Examples of some perks include:
  • It definitely can help you land a position or a job! A positive word from you from a relevant source to your potential employers works like magic. People are also included to trust referrals for business and service providers than engage with strangers. You can find also find a mentor!

Next month, I’ll be sharing some tips on how to build your community through networking!


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