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Face TIme
Nancy Moore

Hello, I am happy you are here! I am interested in people and their stories. Because over years of interviewing people, I have learned that everyone has a story to tell.

What is Sharing Passion and Purpose about?

It is about sharing knowledge, ideas and inspiration from those who are following their passion and living their purpose. I am dedicated to seeking out those who want to share their stories of success because they are following their passion and living their purpose. I want those I interview to be honest about their struggles and the determination it took to follow their dreams – I also want to celebrate the triumphs! Through these interviews, I hope to educate, enlighten and encourage others to follow their dreams.

How will the information be shared?

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We will be launching our Podcast soon! Once we do, you can subscribe to the weekly “Sharing Passion and Purpose” Podcast where I will interview those who are living the life they believe they were meant to live (living their purpose!).

Check out my Blog with behind the scenes information about the people we’re interviewing and additional information that didn’t make it on the Podcast.

Join me as I hear from those sharing passion and purpose – stories that will lift you up and propel you forward!

Nancy Moore