Whitney English is all H.E.A.R.T.!
Whitney English photo
Whitney English

In Episode 13, Whitney English and I visit about her planner business and her transition into an overall Lifestyle Brand (which I think she is well on her way to accomplishing!)

Whitney is many things…designer, decorator, creator, innovator and entrepreneur. She is purposeful in creating “Mindful Tools for a Meaningful Life.” She is focused on helping people go from busy to balanced and balanced to beautiful. According to Whitney, “I’m always on the hunt for ways to find balance, create meaning and chase beauty.”

She is an encourager and knows that everyone can achieve their goals! It just takes a little effort, but life balance is possible if you organize your schedule and tasks in the right order and her beautifully curated essential tools can help people get there!

Her down-to-earth and laid back demeanor made our visit like talking to an old friend. Keep in mind all that she has accomplished – including creating an incredible company “Day Designer”, that was sold to Target! In true entrepreneural fashion, she has germinated another concept and is marrying it with her planner company. The concept is an acronym that spells, HEART, (for HEART GOALS). Appropriately named and she is now in the processes of penning a book that will detail this concept.

So many people dream about starting a business, writing a book, reaching their goals! Whitney has done it and continues to dream and achieve so much! How does she define success and does she agree that she has already achieved it? That part is included in the interview!

Creating is in her blood and she admits, “It is next to impossible to keep me from creating new things.” We are looking forward to seeing what is next for Whitney and know it will be something great!

I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed visiting with Whitney! She truly is brimming with knowledge and ideas that listeners can learn from!

To learn more about Whitney, visit her on her website https://whitneyenglish.com and Instagram @whitneyenglish.


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