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2020 Year in Review – Podcast Launch, Hanna C. Howard and Betsy Hendershot

You might have laughed when you read the title: Year in Review!

I sort-of did, too! But then, even though I started this podcast a few weeks ago and have only had two guests, it was an incredible year for me!

Are you familiar with the phrase, from Try to Triumph? The difference between the two is a little “umph” – I relate to this as that “little extra!” So by doing a “little extra” work towards your goals “little extra” you can turn your try into a triumph!

My triumph? I started this podcast!

My idea began with the hope of inspiring others to follow their pursuits because I know it’s hard work. Believe me, I know it’s hard, but I am here to tell you that it is SO WORTH IT! I registered for my Sharing Passion and Purpose Website in 2018 and FINALLY got it going at the end of 2020!

So far, I too, am learning from my guests! I am in no way perfect or have it all figured out. There’s always room for growth – both personally and professionally.

So, my year in review is only this month! December! And just under the wire – so I could say it was published in 2020!

This month: I launched my website and podcast!

And interviewed Hanna C. Howard, an author who took almost ten years to write and publish her first book, Ignite the Sun! Along the way, she too faced challenges, but stuck with it! I admire her incredible perseverance and determination. She is also a talented writer, if you missed her interview, it’s Episode 2!

I also released an interview from total boss – Betsy Hendershot! She amazed me with her background in business and honesty about why she started Downward Dog Wine. She was also shared that not everyday is easy – there are going to be days that are more difficult than others and that’s ok. I admire her tenacity to take her idea to the next level and, in her words, “Just Start” Downward Dog Wine. And by the way, the wine is delicious! You should absolutely try it!

I want to sincerely THANK YOU for listening to this episode and any of the other podcasts of 2020! I hope you stick with me and share this podcast with friends!

I think there are many who can agree, I am eagerly looking forward to 2021 and all that it will bring and I hope you join me as I continue interviewing interesting people who are sharing their passion and purpose! 


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