98. Taylor Hanson: Creating a Movement through Food
Sharing Passion and Purpose
Sharing Passion and Purpose
98. Taylor Hanson: Creating a Movement through Food

Taylor Hanson is an award-winning musician, father of seven as well as the Founder of local non-profit, Food on the Move, Inc. Taylor started this grassroots organization in 2014 to provide food to people in need. Over the years, it has gained tremendous momentum and grown into more of a movement. In fact, since its inception, the program has grown in partnerships, schools and programming with a forward-thinking model you’ll learn more about in this interview. We caught up with Taylor to discuss the Food on the Move organization and how it is reimagining our food growth and distribution system through their new program called The Food Home.

To learn more about Food on the Move, visit: https://foodonthemoveok.com

To read the full interview, visit Tulsa Kids.com.

(Photo Credit: Food on the Move, Inc.)


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